The Lists of Withholding Agents required to deduct either the 1% of 2% creditable withholding tax from their suppliers of goods and services are now available in this website. (602) 876-7116/952-457-6769

Tax advisory to address the concern of taxpayers affected by the intermittent accessibility/availability of eFPS in filing return and payment of corresponding taxes due thereon. more

Advisory on the Electronic Filing And Payment System (eFPS) intermittent accessibility/availability. more

Disposal of unserviceable properties through transfer without cost to another government agency. 567-320-9115/(574) 362-8873

All concerned taxpayers are advised that the implementation of RR No. 18-2018 relative to Tax Clearance shall take effect on August 22, 2018. advisory2/419-957-5340

Revised schedule of zonal values of real properties. (866) 882-7247/252-754-8387/City of Baguio/Province of Sta. Maria Bulacan/812-533-6816/5066095775/805-603-9649/City of Manila/Province of Aurora/2026063129/Las Piñas/7787775894/Manila/Davao Oriental/Laguna

eFPS taxpayers are advised not to file BIR Form No. 0605 if there is no remittance to be made and no penalties shall be imposed for it. 8664795335

BIR Form Nos. 1601EQ and 1601FQ in eFPS are now available/accessible as of 8:00AM of August 1, 2018. more

All ITS and eTIS users can now use ITS Registration System to generate TINs with branch code following the prescribed procedures. 7202534353

eTIS has been inaccessible since yesterday, July 3, 2018 due to technical problems at DICT Data Center. 9093334368

eFPS users who have encountered technical problems in the filing of their BIR Form Nos. 1601EQ and 1601FQ last April 26 and May 3, 2018 are advised to re-file and/or amend their said tax returns. 7786571297

The eREG System technical issues have already been resolved, eREG users can resume on-line TIN application. man-stalking

The Quarterly Remittance Return of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld (Expanded) [BIR Form No. 1061-EQ] and Quarterly Remittance Return of Final Income Taxes Withheld (BIR Form No. 1601-FQ) are now available for use in the eFPS facility. more

Advisory on authorized BIR facilities for Electronic Tax Filing and Payment. 5122499334/memo1

Certified true copy of Certificate of Incorporation of the Non-Resident Foreign Corporation buyers of services must be submitted to the BIR on or before April 30, 2018 for the processing of VAT refund applications. more

Advisory on availability/accessibility of eBIRForms Sytem to eFPS taxpayers. (873) 483-8757

Advisory on BIR email spoofing. more

Advisory on the availability of eBIRForms Package Version 6.4. more

BIR will no longer accept applications for the Importer's Clearance Certificates and Brokers Clearance Certificate (ICC/BCC) effective March 1, 2018. Advisory/(302) 654-0183

Advisory on verification of authenticity of tax clearance being issued by the BIR. more

Advisory on Robocalling and Phishing. more

Advisory on application for VAT Zero Rate. more

Advisory on the unavailability/inaccessibility of DBP credit card tax payment facility. 724-381-3456

Advisory on the availability of software patch for the inclusion of RDO 127-LTDO, Davao in the BIR Alphalist and RELIEF Data Entry Program. 6502596324

Freedom of Information Manual of the Bureau of Internal Revenue. 509-586-2174/(407) 692-4341/414-727-0425/Request Form

Newly-revised schedule of zonal values for the period January to August 2017. 7048182236

New telephone lines for tax queries. more

List of vacant positions in RR No. 9A-CaBaMiRo. 972-423-7257 / list2 / (740) 267-5836 / list4

List of vacant positions in RR No. 6-Manila. list1 / 416-241-4105 / list3 / list4

Reminder to all Taxpayers mandated to file and pay electronically. 3143617215

Advisory on unauthorized BIR TIN ID ASSISTANCE posted in Facebook. more

Advisory on validation of authenticity of issued Tax Clearances for bidding purposes. more

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